Monday, January 11, 2010

Paris hilton nude. Pictures.

Paris hilton nude. Cool pics:

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What women ' s agreement with being skinny.? I heard a lot of women (mostly Caucasian and Asian), who try so hard to look as skinny as possible. Why? Do this as women or the media say that the curves are not very attractive? I could only picture in white and Asian guys (most of them) who want women with a smaller, child frame that is strange. Black, Latin and a small percentage of men standing " as curves. Women are built differently from men for a reason. Personally, a cutie with no booty doesn't have a chance with me. Call it superficial if you like, but just doesn't look very feminine to me if your backside sinks into while walking. I do not want to touch and certainly do not want to see her in the nude. It seems that people get what a nice booty looks confused. men want a life of small (flat stomach) and a rounded shape. its about the size is not enough that his balance with the rest of the body. Check out picks of Vida Guerra and tell me Paris Hilton is sexy. Not!
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